Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Accountant

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An accountant is responsible for preparing accounts and tax returns, administering payrolls, controlling income and expenditure, auditing financial information, and compiling reports. Similarly, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) prepares audited or reviewed financial statements and files reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Hiring a CPA also comes with the benefit of IRS (Internal Revenue Service) representation.

As a new company, hiring accounting expertise, tax professionals, and CPAs can you plan your business, save time on recurring financial tasks, or simply aid with in-depth financial planning and analysis. If you’re looking for an accountant, tax preparer, or CPA services, here’s a list of the top five things to look for.

1. Integrity
When you consider that the information you give your CPA is highly confidential in nature, the integrity of the accounting professional you hire should be at the top of the list of attributes you look for. Your accountant should ensure that your information will be kept confidential through physical security, computer encryption, and ethical work practices. Similarly, they should also provide you with honest advice that is within acceptable accounting laws.

2. Experience
An experienced accountant or CPA will better understand your situation and how to go about assisting you. Their experience not only shows knowledge of accounting principles and competence, but it ensures that your finances are in the right hands, and you will be able to get the correct type of assistance that you require.

3. Ability to meet deadlines
Whether working with a small business or a large corporation, accountants and tax professionals face deadlines as a part of their work-life. Hiring accountants and tax preparers who have the innate ability to meet and stick to deadlines is always a huge plus point. This pretty much guarantees your business will be compliant and above board with the IRS and not meet any setbacks.

4. A client-focused approach
A competent CPA should understand their client’s industry. But, understanding the client is just as important. Your CPA should have a solid understanding of your goals and business requirements so they can decide which accounting rules or economic measures best fit your needs.

5. Credentials
In a world of Google searches and access to online reviews with just a click, we can hardly rationalize making hasty decisions without doing sufficient research. Testimonials, reviews, and talking with people who have worked with the firm in the past is a great way to gauge competence and quality.

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